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Full Version: Built-in help for Ans
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I think I have spotted a gramatical error in the translation from English to Spanish and French in the help for Ans.

In English the help says: ... Ans(n) will attempt to substitute n for x (or the default variable)...

This means in English that n will take the place of x (Ok)

In Spanish the help says: ... Ans(n) tratará de sustituir n por x (o la variable predefinida) ...

This means in Spanish that x will take the place of n (Wrong)
It should be: ... Ans(n) tratará de sustituir x (o la variable predefinida) por n ...

In French the help says: ... Ans(n) va tenter de substituer n pour x (ou pour la variable par défaut) ...

This means in French that x will take the place of n (Wrong)
It should be: ... Ans(n) va tenter de substituer x (ou la variable par défaut) pour n ...

I don't know how other languages work regarding this concept, but I guess that the Portuguese translation is also wrong. Perhaps other users fluent in these languages can help in sorting this out.

Example #1
x [enter] x
Ans*3 [enter] 3*x

Example #2
x [enter] x
Ans(3) [enter] x(3) // == x|(3)

Example #3
f1(x):=x^2 [enter] x->x^2
Ans(3) [enter] 9 // == f1(3)

Example #4
x*y^2 [enter] x*y^2
Ans(x=3) [enter] 3*y^2

PD: is required a similar cmd ENTRY(#) to call an expression (line #) of history, this is available in Xcas
Thank you compsystems, but I am not questioning the calculator's behavior; I'm just saying that the Spanish and French translations of the built-in help for the command Ans should be revised.
In Spanish even your correction is wrong. You cannot say "se sustituir" it must say "de sustituir".
You're right eried. I have corrected my misspelling. Thanks!
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