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Full Version: MoHPC USB drive died
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A while back I bought a copy of the MoHPC documents on USB. Not too long ago the USB drive died and its Vendor ID and Product ID now show up as 0xabcd and 0x1234 respectively. Has anyone else have this happen? I am surprised because I hardly use it so I am pretty sure I have not come anywhere close to the write cycle limit. Is there a read cycle limit for USB flash drives?

Good thing I backed up the documents...
Just checked my copy (V8), it is functioning correctly.
(10-30-2016 03:07 AM)Han Wrote: [ -> ]... Has anyone else have this happen? I am surprised because I hardly use it...
Yes, I purchased the document set on a 16GB USB flash key in early December, 2015. It had worked for some weeks but died by late January, 2016.

Since it was within the 90 day warranty for the media, I returned it and had my new one in February. This time I copied everything onto my hard drive and have barely even tried the flash key since, but it is still working - I just checked.

Same for me. The stick now is dead!
I bought the stick at the beginning of 2015.

I tried it today again and the computer (Windows7) only reported a
"general UDisk USB Device", without content.
The "disk management" does not show up any volume.

Very strange!
Bought mine (V8) early April 2016. Still working ...
Mine is till working normally.

But likely this is not a meaningful data point, since this is probably only the 3rd or 4th time I've actually used it; I copied it the 2nd time I used it, and use the on-hard-disk version as it's much faster.
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