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Full Version: How large a Note can you create / paste (SOLVED)
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I am trying to create a Note from a 640 KB data file on Android.

If I select a couple of lines, it pastes.
If I select all, nothing seems to happen when I try to paste.

(it's a CSV of 6000-odd airports. Specifically, the one at http://www.openflights.org/data.html).
Is it a time latency thing? (Hourglass symbol and just taking a long time to complete...)
(10-25-2016 09:14 PM)DrD Wrote: [ -> ]Is it a time latency thing? (Hourglass symbol and just taking a long time to complete...)

I don't think so...unless it's giving up when the screen dims.
I have tried allowing more time for both the "Select all" and "Paste".

Update: Android is not putting large "Select All"'s into the clipboard - or if it is, its not then retrieving them.
I have tried selecting fragments of the data instead, but I find that after selecting the text on Android, it is impossible to then reliably select the Android copy icon - it works well enough for a couple of lines but doesn't scale up.

If I cannot find a better way of selecting text into the clipboard on Android, I will have to use much smaller data - or drop Android in favour of a PC.
The best way I have found in Android, was as follows:

Hold over text and drag to select some text.
Release and Select "Share" on the Menu.
Not "Copy", "Share" (when the text is too big to "Select All").
Then select "Copy to clipboard" within share.

With the file referenced above, I could manage about 500-750 lines at a time.
On the Prime, I could consolidats 2 such copies - giving 10 files each with about 1000 lines - but could not make just a single file that a program could open - it gave a memory error.
(Update: on the PC a single file loads OK)

But processing 10 smaller files looks like it will work.
Update: It does...See my GEODATA and CSV programs, version 0.1.
I'm suspicious there may be some sort of built int clipboard limit that is being run into. Please help test this when you get the beta version coming out and maybe we can work around it somehow.
Using the new VC on Android (but also using a newer Android on a phone with more storage, if that makes a difference:

Android still refuses to create a large-text clipboard, so if you can only use Android, the file will need splitting as described above.

But as an alternative, if you also have access to a PC:
with the new VC on an Android phone, one can now use the Connectivity Kit on a PC to download the data file as a single file. The VC can process this single file OK (if it does run out of memory on a phone with limited memory, file is easiest split on the PC).
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