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Full Version: Problem using [] in CAS with odesolve
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Official HP Support on their website is pretty dismal hoping you guys can help me.

Problem first arose when I was trying to use the odesolve command when I go to use the "[]" brackets it comes up with the brackets with a blank space for input and a plus/minus sign on the right hand side inside the bracket, when I try to delete the plus minus it wipes the whole input. It also wont display commas.
To insert the brackets I have tried both shift --> Chars and shift --> "5"

I am using the example: odesolve(sin(t*y),[t,y],[0,1],2) and it wont let me put in [t,y].

Am I doing something wrong or have I found a bug in the code?

HP Prime:
Software version: 2016 08 29 (10637)
Hardware Version A
CAS ver. 1.1.2-11
Operating System: V0.048.635

You get the +/- in Textbook entry mode, not in Algebraic entry mode, but the +/- sign should not prevent you to enter your data, just type t,y in the brackets and you'll get [t y +/-]:
[attachment=4062] [attachment=4063]
Awesome Thanks Moonbeam and Didier Lachieze
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