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Full Version: Answer - trigonometric equation
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Hi. When i try to solve a trigonometric equation. I'm not sure how to receive the answers in terms of pi and n. for example:

solve(sin(x)=0) = {0, pi}

but i want receive {n*pi}

My firmware is 10637 (29/08/2016)

thanks .
Go into settings and turn off "Principal:"
CAS Settings: Principal Solution: [OFF]

solve( sin(x)= 0, x) ;
[enter] returns
{n_0*π} // ok

Ans[1]|(n_0 = 1) not evaluated, Why?

(10-14-2016 05:05 AM)compsystems Wrote: [ -> ]CAS Settings: Principal OFF

solve( sin(x)= 0, x) ;
[enter] returns
{n_0*π} // ok

(Ans[1]|(n_0 = 1)) not evaluated, Why?

This may be due to the priority of the | (where) operator. The (literal) expression "Ans[1]" does not contain any references to n_0 so that substitution does nothing. After evaluation of Ans[1], you get the unevaluated result because the evaluation of n_0 = 1 happened before the evaluation of Ans[1].

There was an old thread discussing this a while back...
You don't need | in CAS,
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