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Full Version: Workaround for end-of-program power off
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This is a small workaround I found for the OS bug that causes the calculator to shut off immediately after a long-running program ends (apparently because the power-off inactivity timer doesn't get reset correctly). It works for the version 10637 I have installed, at least; not sure about the others.

Right before the program exits, have a command like the following:

Storing to TOff seems to reset the internal inactivity timer. TOff:=TOff does this without disturbing the current TOff setting. This way the calculator stays on when the program ends, but will still shut off normally once TOff expires after that—in other words, the same way all other programmable calculators I've used behave.
That would work as the timer gets reset in the TOff setting command.

That is also an item we've planned to get to in this round, so hopefully it won't be needed much longer.
Okay, cool. Good to hear it's on the list Smile
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