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Full Version: suggestions for instant-sending function in the new HP Prime firmware
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I've been programming software and apps for HP Prime for a few months, but I have some difficulties.

When I was trying programming some games that support PVP functions, I found it impossible to send and receive messages instantly(that means without kill the program and send manually).Therefore, I am looking for a new function that supports instant sending& receiving in the new firmware(maybe in 2017).

Actually, I know I can press "send" to send files to another calculator. However, it needs to close the program and the receiver won't get the file until you abort the program and run it again. Could you come up with a way that allows me receiving messages when a program is running? You can just have a think of a 2-player card game: You should restart the program again and again just to play a card or confirm if your opponent has played a card. That's annoying! Big Grin

I'll be glad if my advice is admitted. Looking forward to your reply!
It would be nice if the "instant sending" function could do the following:

Send a value to another Prime (program to program)
Send a value to another Prime and ask it to display it (no need for a two-player game program on both Primes)
Send a value to a wireless printer (should be easy since HP sell calculators and printers*)
- That makes the Prime a printing calculator for those who need one, and also means you can print out program listings from the Prime without needing a PC.

It would be even nicer if that wifi printing worked from the Android emulator too.

(*I assume the HP printers wifi could work with the HP Prime classroom wifi )
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