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Full Version: hp on tv commercial
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There is currently a commercial with a father and his son side by side drinking coffee, opening up computers, etc. (kid mimics every move dad makes) The computers they open are HP's. Best I can determine, the one the kid is using looks about 5 or 6 inches wide and appears to be marked as an Envy 4500. When I try to look it up for more info, the Envy 4500 appears to be a printer! SO - what's the device the kid is using, and where can I get more info about it??

Thanx! polarbear
This looks like the ad you are talking about.

If you look closely, you can see that the boy is using a tablet (it is hinged using some kind of child's construction set).
A nice piece of mechanical engineering.
The tablet looks like it might be the Slate 7 Plus.
Thanks, Ken! That is exactly the right commercial. I didn't notice the play set hinge mechanism before you pointed it out - good catch! I see now that you are correct - it does appear to be a slate7. I thought perhaps HP had come out with a wallet Mini computer or some such and was interested in getting more info about it. Thanks, again!

polarbear Mike
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