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Full Version: Python programming language for hp49/hp50 & TI 83/84 calculators
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I found the following library

Py4Calc brings the popular Python programming language to calculators. PyCalc is a programming language that has very similar style and syntax, and helps to translate simple Python computer programs to calculator programs with minimal changes. PyCalc programs can also use the calculator's built-in functions.

The project currently has 2 parts:

Py4Calc for HP48GII/HP49/HP50g calculators: DownloadThis program runs on an HP calculator or HP calculator emulator. It turns Python scripts into native calculator programs you can run and debug on any of the newer HP48gII/hp49/hp50 series calculators

Py4Calc for TI 83/84 series calculators: Download This program runs on your computer and converts simple Python scripts to .8xp programs that can be transferred directly to the calculator.

PY4CALC home page

TRY IT WITH emugaak (emu48 with HP48/49/50 roms built-in), download and run =)

unofficially, http://hpcalc.gaak.org/?id=98765
official http://www.calculatrices-hp.com/uploads/...3_1_30.zip
The 49G+/50G's hardware specs are much more than sufficient to run one of the lightweight Python implementations, such as MicroPython. MicroPython would fly on the Prime, even more so than it does on the TI-Nspire.
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