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Full Version: Update of Emu71 to v1.08
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Emu71/Win v1.08 is available at http://hp.giesselink.com.

Whats new:
  • same bugfixes as in Emu28, Emu42 and Emu48
  • bugfix in the UNCNFG opcode handling on external modules
  • added "IDY polling" implementation in HP-IL module simulation, necessary for LEX extention "KEYBOARD IS"
  • the "Memory Mapping" dialog in the debugger is now non modal not blocking debugger operations any more
  • new sound device name decoder for longer device names
  • additional Bitmap command in the KML Lcd section for an external annunciator bitmap
  • additional Scale command in the KML Global section to downsize the background image

A complete list of bugfixes and changes is available here.

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