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Full Version: HP Calulator Amateur Radio Fans
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I know that some of the Forum members are also Amateur Radio fans. A few years ago we discussed the possibility of us getting together for a net by radio. But with the latest propagation, it would be difficult for us to have a very productive net. Echolink might be a possibility.

For the past few years, I have been using Allstar. This is a voice over IP system that using the Asterisk phone pbx software, customized to interface to a radio transceiver. With the small computer boards (PI 3), a full size PC is no longer required. A low power system costs less than $100 including the computer, radio and interface.

Question for the Ham Radio Members: Would you be interested in a Allstar Hub where we could all connect to and then discuss HP calculators or anything else?

I would be willing to set up a Allstar Hub that everyone could connect to.

For additional information on running Allstar on small computers, please see the following site:

Asterisk Allstar

At the bottom of the web page are many how-to's on setting up a node, modifying a cheap HT for the node radio, etc.

I just finished building a portable allstar node that will run off of a self contained battery (or 12V car power) and uses my cell phone as a hot sport. Great for keeping in touch while traveling.

Please let me know if anyone would be interested in this.

Smithville, NJ
I have an Icom IC-92AD equipped with D-Star, and also a D-Star dongle box that I can connect to my computer by USB. Another way to get onto the Internet and connect to a possible radio net.

I'd be more inclined to Echolink.
(09-19-2016 11:20 PM)twdeckard Wrote: [ -> ]I'd be more inclined to Echolink.

Echolink can be added to the Allstar Hub. The audio quality is not as good as Allstar using FM radios, but it's not too bad.

Another way of accessing the proposed Hub would be to use the Web Based Allstar Transceiver. You just go to the Allstarlink.org website, login, bring up the Web Transceiver and connect to the node. See the following link:


Note: You need to be a Ham in order to use Allstar.

I would recommend you take a look at Allstar. You use a radio (typically an HT) to talk to a simplex radio node, which then sends your audio over the internet to other nodes. Nodes can be radio or radioless.

If you are already familiar with Allstar, I hang out on the Philadelphia Hub, Node number 27225, echo link WA3DSP-L. Link up and give me a call.

Smithville, NJ
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