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Full Version: HHC 2016 presentation files are online
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Most of the files in the "Speakers" folder of the official HHC 2016 Thumb Drive are now available online, either as individual folders & files, or everything in a single ZIP file for your convenience.

The ZIP file (388.7 MB) is here: http://hhuc.us/2016/files/CompleteCollection.zip

The individual presentation files (total: 38 folders, 403 files) are here: http://hhuc.us/2016/files/Speakers

Some presentations' files were not submitted in time for inclusion on the thumb drive. I'll upload those files to the above archive as soon as I receive them.

Thanks Joe,

A pleasure as always!

Thank you! I'm excited to look through them.
(09-19-2016 12:14 PM)Logan Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you! I'm excited to look through them.
Great, thanks a lot for sharing!!
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