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Full Version: (42S) Resistor Color Code to Numerical Value
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Video demonstration here:

Program code and raw file (for Free42) can be found here:

The program uses the soft keys to display the color names, and when the CALC button is pressed, uses the last number entered as the multiplier, which allows it to do resistors with any number of bands (3, 4, 5 etc).

I won't say its perfect, and perhaps it duplicates some other program out there (I couldn't find it if there is one) and I welcome any feedback as this is one of my first programming attempts.
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(09-01-2018 10:08 AM)Thomas Klemm Wrote: [ -> ][Image: snakes.png]

Hehe Smile

Turn the snake around and you have one that's more appropriate for this topic!

Actually this could be something fun to port to the Prime with its colour display...
I was thinking of writing something similar for the Prime - but someone beat me to it and produced something that looks very nice.
...Found it: http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-102...ght=resist
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