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Full Version: [Solved] HP48G How to calculate / record into form fields?
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On the HP48G, for example:

-> SOLVE finance (though this question applies to any form in general)

The cursor is on field N by default ready to accept a number.

In financial applications, I'm used to being able to calculate a value for entry.

In HP terms, I'd like to be able to enter the result of '12*30' or <<12 30 *>> or maybe drop into the stack calculate a result, then return it to the form.

I know this can be done with the direct variables and alternate solver entry. Can this be done from the form UI?


Edit: Solved
Don't have a 48g to try, but on an emulated 48gx with that solver app open you can do it. Assuming the "N" field is currently selected, the steps would be:

1) Press "NXT" to see the 2nd page of menus
2) Press the "CALC" menu key
3) You will then see a standard stack display with your previous N value in stack level 1
4) Perform whatever numeric steps you wish to arrive at the new N in stack level 1
5) Press the OK menu button

Your new value will be entered into that field.

This feature was slightly improved starting with the 49 in that you could simply type "30 12 *" (without the quotes) then ENTER while that field was selected to enter another value. No need to go to the second menu page.

Thank you very much. I've stumbled through that area with mixed-results but your explanation made it very clear. This will make the forms or possibly creating forms more useful.

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