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Full Version: [CAS] increasing off flag not work, example merryxmath eq.
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CAS Settings
symplify: maximun & increasing X: off

The flag increasing off not work (firmware 2016.08.29 r10637) x^0+x^1+x^2+... -> [Enter] x^0+x^1+x^2 (ERROR)-> x^2+x^1+x^0 (CORRECT)

Another example

y = logb(x/m-s*a,e)/r^2 [ENTER] -> y = ln(-(a*m*s-x)/m)/r^2

Ans*r^2 -> r^2*y = ln((-a*m*s+x)/m)

e^(Ans) -> e^(r^2*y) = (-a*m*s+x)/m

m*Ans ->

m*e^(r^2*y) = -a*m*s*x^0+x^1 =(

m*e^(r^2*y) = x^1 - a*m*s*x^0 must be -> m*e^(r^2*y) = x-a*m*s =)

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