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Full Version: a supergirl
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vkgoeswild She has over 20 years of study to reach this level

For sure, this is pretty awesome. The question is (for me, obviously...) : how is this possible for her...and not for others or for us ? And is there any drawback ? And should they drive us to admiration ? And how do they feel when they are aplaused (please excuse my poor english, I'm French) ? Of course, music is sometimes written for genius, by genius. But there is something "unusual" that adresses these people more than me, I guess. Some melodies are so wonderfull and easy to play (I'm thinking of Eric Satie, for example, Gymnopedies). What's the distance between music and pleasure ? Is there any sophistication that can drive us to a kind of pleasure that only genius can give ? Anyway, one could say : "just listen" .
It's always nice to see people at work who really master their craft. I looked at her website and saw, that one of the few concerts she's giving this year is actually at "my" town, 15th of December. If work permits I might even go see her live!
(Last weekend I had the luck to see another master of the piano live on stage, for the first time in Germany after 10 years, the "Piano Man" himself. Live music is so much better than YouTube or records...)
The ones that fascinate me are when the reach beyond professional level even as children. One I've been keeping an eye on is pianist and composer Emily Bear who just turned 15. Another is jazz pianist Joey Alexander who just turned 13. Another is pianist, violinist, and composer Alma Deutscher, born in 2005. Violinist Sarah Chang is grown now, but get a load of her playing the Carmen Fantasy at age 10, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hds0SlY9-A . Imagine you're only 10, you've conquered all the violin skills (she shows a ton of very difficult things here), you have a huge repertoir... Where do you go from here? Hilary Hahn is another.
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