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Full Version: What is the newest hardware/firmware version available in stores?
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I just bought a HP Prime on 9/2/16 from a retail store.
I haven't opened the package yet, but since it's the transparent blister pack, I can see that the copyright year of the packaging materials is 2015.

I understand that there is a 8/29/16 version now distributed? I fear I got an old version. Is there a way to exchange this unopened, unused unit for the one that is supposed to be out now?
Don't worry: the firmware of the Prime, and more generally, the firmware of graphing calculators designs based on NOR or NAND Flash memories, i.e. most new designs from the three main manufacturers since before even 2005, can be upgraded by the user Smile
It's not all about the firmware, though. The color used on the key legends, have significantly improved the contrast, (and visibility!) on recent calculators. It' is very easy to tell, and you can see the obvious difference for yourself:


Older key legends may not even be visible, in some room lighting conditions. I don't know at what date this change was made, but it has been recently.

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