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Full Version: Strange behavior solver app - V.20160829
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Good afternoon every one.

This afternoon my Hp prime updated correctly from the conkit.

The first thing I did, was check it had solved the problem with solve application.

Here the problem with the last firmware


I tried again with the example from the user manual,

EQ1: X-Y=-1
EQ2: (X^2)+(Y^2)=16

Now my solve aplication works, but the answer is not correct:

Y=28 388 218 142

In virtual calculator, now it doesn´t works.

In android, it works fine.

Please, can anyone check with the same equationes on your hp prime/virtual prime/android prime.

Thanks a lot.
I got

looks OK to me.
This is what I have:
If you change to a non , decimal mark setting all will work correctly. That is the only workaround I can offer you in the meantime.
(09-01-2016 08:27 PM)Tim Wessman Wrote: [ -> ]If you change to a non , decimal mark setting all will work correctly. That is the only workaround I can offer you in the meantime.

Thanks for your answer Tim.

As you say I changed to a non decimal, and it works fine.
After that I returned again to decimal sistem, and now it works fine.

In any case, curious...
Happened te same to me, but cound't fix it when I returned to the decimal symbol ",". Is there a bug with the decimal symbol ","?
I would not expect it to be "fixed" by changing back. The problem has to do with parsing the results returned from the CAS fsolve command (in a string form). What you are seeing is the number being split at the , symbol incorrectly. The part after the , shows up as the Y value.
Thanks for the reply. Do you have any idea if this bug will be fixed in a future update?
Ohh I'm sorry. As Tim says, changing back does not improve.

It has been my newly diagnosed presbyopia certainly makes me confused sometimes between (.) y (,)

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
The different digit grouping formats seem to be a constant source for trouble. Started with programming and is true for the very heart of the calculator. I struggled with that and I took it as given. Never came to the idea that number formatting could cause such funny results.
Annoying on the one hand, interessting on the other and definitely a feel good thing. Feel good in a way that makes you feel less idiotic when one modification in a larger software project is a reliable source for trouble.
I assume the dev team is much much more capable than I am and knowing the prime shows such annoying bugs aswell will help me through this work-week. Although interessting to see that they still did not find a solid integration of xcas into their code.
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