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Full Version: Built-in CAS Variables?
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The HP Prime User Guide mentions on page 43 the built-in CAS variables:
"(...)However, the built-in CAS variables must be entered in lowercase.(...)"

While you can access the built-in Home variables via Vars -> Home I am asking myself where I can access the built-in CAS variables if there are any...?

Built-in variables in CAS I have found so far: e, pi, i

It's a very basic question, I know ;-) .

Many thanks for you help.

Shift+C, tap [Const]
Just being picky here: Those are constants, not vary-ables. The only CAS variables that I know of (they only work in CAS) are:

Digits -- the value in CAS Settings, page 1, end of line 2
epsilon -- the value in CAS Settings, page 2, line 4

Digits can be set to any integer 1 to 13 (13 shows as 12 in CAS Settings).

CAS doesn't like epsilon to be anything larger than 1E-6. If you set it to something larger than 1E-6, CAS will reset it to 1E-6.

Those two are the only CAS variables listed on this page: http://holyjoe.net/hp/PrimeVars.htm
If any more are discovered, I'll add them to that list.

The User Guide refers to "built-in CAS variables named a to z". That's incorrect. In CAS, a through z do not exist until you create them, and when you purge them, they no longer exist... just like any other user-created CAS variable. That's different from Digits and epsilon, which always exist and cannot be purged.

Many thanks for your reply and the provided background information. This is very useful for me!

Further, I have just bookmarked your HP Prime Vars list.

All the best,
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