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Full Version: My new RED DOT! ;-)
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[Image: 2016-08-16%2010.23.24_zpsstca9ycc.jpg]
I like the minimalism.

Here is its even more minimalistic ancestor.


Decimal points were penciled in for some time in the future.
I have a number of Minis and Personal Minis, although I have yet to find the original CM-601.

[Image: casio_minis.jpg]

My favorite Casio four-function from this era is the ROOT-8S. It's contemporaneous with the Mini CM-603 and has a similar keyboard module, but instead of a Japanese chip and VFD, it has a TI TMS-0126 chip and a HP-esque LED bubble display module that I haven't been able to identify yet. It's one of the only calculators with a LED display that Casio ever made.

[Image: root8s_1.jpg]

[Image: root8s_2.jpg]
Oh.. I have one of those "Red Dot" 603 too. But mine has a Remmington Sticker above the Casio one.
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