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Full Version: Convert number to engineering notation
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Is it possible to convert a number to its engineering notation with the HP prime?

You can change the Number Format in settings (home) and all numbers on the history stack will be displayed in the notation you choose. Also the already calculated results.

If you want to program it (e.g. in a user-key) you can set HFormat:=3, you can also set the number of digits with HDigits:=2 (number of digits after the decimalpoint)
HFormat:=0 will reset standard mode
You can also program it using the STRING function.

Syntax: STRING(value, 4, digits)
where 4 specifies Engineering mode
and digits+1 is how many significant digits you'll get

Example: STRING(Gamma(12.3),4,6) --> "83.38537ᴇ6"

See the Help system's entry for STRING for more information.

Warning: In CAS, STRING must be spelled using uppercase letters. Case doesn't matter in Home or in ordinary programming.
CASIO-like ENG key for HP Prime --> http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-5039.html
(08-30-2016 08:33 AM)Simone Cerica Wrote: [ -> ]CASIO-like ENG key for HP Prime --> http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-5039.html

I'm using that program also, very nice and useful! :-)
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