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Full Version: Request: Emu48 v1.58 ...
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Last release Aug 16, 2016 http://hp.giesselink.com/emu48.htm =]

Request for CG: To give more realism to the emulation, simulate as a real LCD with grid, the pixels in the 48 series calculators, are not together

You think, to incorporate the simulation grid on LCD? It is important, is irrelevant, ...

With a flag in settings, I would like to see LCD REAL SIMULATION (separate pixel ON/OFF)

Please appreciate the following image as inspiration, where a true simulation of LCD is show

[Image: hp_300s_plus_scientific_juniper_calculator_c.jpg]

Hopefully also, the version of Emu48 (with simulation HP50)


PS: I still have my Pocket PC Emu48, but he stopped updating. =[ the EMULATION IN THIS DEVICE IS EVEN MORE REAL
Why don't you use Christoph's original post?
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