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Full Version: Update of Emu48 Classic to v1.58
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Emu48 Classic v1.58 is available at http://hp.giesselink.com.

This is a maintenance update fixing mainly the same bugs already fixed in the last versions of Emu28 and Emu42. So as well fixing the nasty bug introduced in the last version and bugs have been inside for a very long time.

Some additional words to the update of the sound configuration. Emu48 got an enlarged combo box with a new sound device capability reading method showing the complete sound device name. Emu28 and Emu42 also use the new sound device capability reading method, but from the settings dialog design the available combo box box length is less. So we still have the situation, that the device name is not fully displayed at Emu28 and Emu42.

The prior used sound device capability function return only device names with a length of 31 characters maximum. Windows Vista and later use longer device names which are cut at the maximum length. A solution is using DirectX, or better say DirectSound, which is part of DirectX. DirectX is an integrated part of the operating system since Windows XP, before it was separately available. Don't worry, it's not necessary to install DirectX. Also for compiling the sources it's not necessary to install the DirectX SDK in connection with older compilers.

I also removed the display zoom factor limitation of 4. Higher zoom factors are possible now, but no guarantee that especially "Enable Virtual LCD Delay" is working in connection with high zoom factors on slow host PC's. In contradiction to the official KML2.0 document, display zoom factors greater than 4 are already possible in Emu28, Emu42 and Emu71 for a longer time. Also here, no guarantee that these are working. Only Emu48+ < v1.56 has still the limitation of 4 inside the KML script parser. The display engine itself works with higher display zoom factors.

A complete list of bugfixes and changes is available here.

Here you can find a snapshot of the latest Emu48+ v1.56 sources. I will not provide any help how to compile these sources!

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