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Full Version: HP 55 Broken Battery Terminal and Fix!
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Got this beautiful HP 55 with case, charger and books off eBay. But it had no battery. I knew the terminals would be crusty, but I didn't expect one of them to completely disintegrate the moment I touched it! The calculator works fine off AC.
I'm very afraid of damaging it if I open it up to replace the broken tab - so I had an idea - take one of the batter packs I picked up on eBay and convert the terminal to a tab on the battery pack. It worked perfectly!
Hope this helps someone!

[Image: ZLXF8aJ.jpg]

[Image: aPibp0h.jpg]
Nice find on the 55 (particularly with the manuals)! That's one of my favorites - really wanted one as a kid, but just couldn't get the money together, so I was really happy when I scored mine.

Glad you got yours working.

sure this help but is very difficult to manage your pics Smile
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