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Full Version: HP48G+ cracked screen replacement
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Does anyone know who still repairs 48G+ (cracked LCD display screen...black blotches - see attached pic).Unit switches on, but can't read values.

I have a new Prime and 41CV; still attached to 48G+ though Wink.
I am tempted to exchange an LCD from one of my surplus Hp 48Gs to fix your Hp 48G+. However, I can't really guarantee success.
Other options that you might seriously consider and are easier to do.
Do you really need 128K of RAM, an Hp 48G works for general number crunching. If you do need the RAM, an Hp 48G RAM upgrade to 128K RAM is fairly easy and you can buy an Hp 48G in the same or better shape than your current Hp 48G+ for about $50.
If you find you really need the RAM, then take it from your broken 48G+ (or buy new, but I suspect these older RAM chips are hard to find).
You should even be able to find a decent Hp 48G+ or GX for $100 or so, vs fixing up your current 48G+. If you check repair rates, you will discover that the cost of repairing most calculators isn't really worth it, unless you have sentimental reasons for doing so ie gift from a loved one or rare red LED calculator or rare or sought after model. The Hp 48G line is still fairly easy to find.
Or get a 50G. Used ones run about $45 at the moment. It's a huge upgrade from your 48 and functions exactly the same if you set it up right.
Hi Dave, thanks, I have a 41CV and new HP Prime.Simply want the 48G+ repaired for sentimental reasons.
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