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Full Version: HP 42s demonstration videos on Youtube
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So after I got my 42s recently I've been going through the various manuals and such and have really enjoyed this calculator. Could it be better? Certainly, but it's a really fine calculator nevertheless. And I mean really fine. I love it.

While it was all fresh in my mind I decided to to some videos on its features, similar to the HP 35s videos I did. I wasn't sure they would ever be of any use to anyone since the calculator is nearly 30 years old and relatively expensive to buy secondhand, but there must be some people who use Free42 and who knows, maybe the Swiss Micros DM 42 will be a sleeper hit in the engineering world Smile

Nicely done Logan, I enjoyed watching them. Thanks.
(08-03-2016 05:07 AM)Ángel Martin Wrote: [ -> ]Nicely done Logan, I enjoyed watching them. Thanks.

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Nice thorough coverage of the 42S feature set. Indeed these will be quite useful when the SwissMicros DM-42P comes out and folks need to refresh on how to get the most out of this new machine. As it's expected to have dedicated soft-keys and alpha keys distributed across the full keyboard, you may want to do some updated 42P sessions. Also, the extended precision of Free42 is probably worth covering, as it could affect things like the solver I suppose.

Thanks for making and sharing these.
Thank-you Logan for sharing.
I like it too Smile

a great beast (as somebody called it) but missing, if compared to her older sister (the 41), of the connection devices
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