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Full Version: Plan to translate the Beginners Guide of WP 34S into Chinese...
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Hi all, we have a plan to translate the Beginners Guide into Chinese, as cheap 20b/30b are flooding online market here, and there are some detailed tutorials of modification. It seems to be quite a good chance to spread the idea of RPN to the new generation XD

So here's my question: Can we get the original editable document so that we can simply focus on translating the text?


BTW, the "missionary" group members are:

ZephRay, http://www.zephray.com/
Andy Lithia, http://lithcore.cn/

Long live RPN ;-)
The original author who contributed the Beginner's Guide is Ciaran J. Brady, who was at one time a participant in this site's forums. There have been no recent discussions involving Ciaran.

The guide itself provides an e-mail address of cb1 (at) conehead dot org. Maybe try asking directly.

Alternatively, the PDF itself is fully text searchable and should be easy to select and copy blocks of text for translation - even machine translation for a rough start.

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