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Full Version: Solving Large Systems of Equations
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What is the best way to solve a system with 6 variables and 6 equations? I have been using solve([equation1 equation2 equation3],[x y z]) in CAS for smaller ones and it works pretty good most of the time but I just tried doing a 6x6 and I got the error message "double_deux_points(CAS,solve([stuff I entered])), probably user error but I'm also just wondering if there is a more efficient way. I'd like to save as much time as possible.
You can use the Cramer's Rule for any system of linear equations.
Already tried that ?

Aries ;-)
You may perhaps look at rref(Matrix), which is my preferred one.
What kind of system is it? For a linear system, the command is linsolve. For several linear systems with same matrix, it's lu + linsolve. Should work without problem with dozens of equations and variables on the calc.
For non linear systems, if the system is polynomial you can try solve. Otherwise you must use an iterative method, fsolve provides that.
If you get a strange error message, please send us the system.
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