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Full Version: Floppy Days HP-41 audio blog w/ Richard Nelson and Gene Wright
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Floppy Days 59 - The HP41C Calculator, Part I, History with Richard Nelson and Gene Wright, at http://floppydays.libsyn.com/webpage/2016/05

and #60, Part II on the HP-41, at http://floppydays.libsyn.com/webpage/2016/06 which Randy started with my six-minute recording which he requested about how I got into using the HP-41cx as a controller for automating processes on the workbench
Thanks for sharing, it's a good piece.
(06-19-2016 03:27 AM)Ángel Martin Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for sharing, it's a good piece.

I fully agree.

There is another one for the HP-41 made in 2006 by The Retrobits Podcast available directly and on iTune.

The Retrobits Podcast - Show 070: The HP 41C Programmable Calculator

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