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Full Version: [BUG] in history -> entry line
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Simplify: none
quote (x^3 / x^2) [enter] returns '(x^3/x^2)' ok
then up to history and copy the entry into the input line [enter] -> ERROR SINTAX '(x^3/x^2')

the hpprime is moving a quotation mark (right) outside the brackets '(x^3/x^2')

other sample

getOperator:=0; [enter]
part(quote(x^3/x^2),getOperator); returns "/" OK
[^] goto history
[copy] [enter] -> ERROR SINTAX =(

can not edit the input expression previously
(I'm pretty sure the problem is already on the list).

A simple example is:


Then recall the history result to the command line. The close quote is misplaced.

new discovery in Algebraic MODE does not generate errors

TextBook ON
quote (x^3 / x^2) [enter] returns '(x^3/x^2)' ok [^] (up) [^] (up) [COPY] [enter] error

'(x^3 / x^2)' [enter] returns '(x^3/x^2)' ok [^] (up) [^] (up) [COPY] [enter] error

Algebraic ON
quote (x^3 / x^2) [enter] returns '(x^3/x^2)' ok [^] (up) [^] (up) [COPY] [enter] '(x^3/x^2)' ok

TextBook Or Algebraic
quote (x^3 / x^2 +1) [enter] returns '(x^3/x^2+1)' ok [^] (up) [^] (up) [COPY] [enter] '(x^3/x^2)+1' ok
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