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Full Version: formula's with 2 caracter variables
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Hi I try to get a formula working on my Prime. I cannot find in the user manual how to do it. Any help appreciated.

It keeps giving input syntax errors. I tried to drop the % and even one character variabels but it is not working.

Formula Ceq= %C+((%Mn+%Si)/6)+((%Cr+%Mo+%V)/5)+((%Ni+%Cu)/15)

Just want a list to fill-in the available variables
(06-08-2016 11:18 AM)TopQ Wrote: [ -> ]Hi I try to get a formula working on my Prime. ...
Formula Ceq= %C+((%Mn+%Si)/6)+((%Cr+%Mo+%V)/5)+((%Ni+%Cu)/15)

Ceq := C+((Mn+Si)/6)+((Cr+Mo+V)/5)+((Ni+Cu)/15)

to assign something to a variable use :=
don't use %
Dear Salvomic

Thank you for your gesture, but Double variables like Mn, Si, etc are giving a sytaxerror. I can change Mn to M and Si to S, But will get problems with C an Cu.

I tried to use a spreadsheet instaid, but as soon I type Si in a cell the complete HP connection program on my PC shuts down due to an error.

Is there a simple way to type a formula and get a list of variables to fill in, or do I have to make a program for it?
I forgot to say that if you are in Home upper case variables are reserved, so the Prime tries to do (i.e.) C*u and you get an error, in command line.
You can use that expression in a program or in CAS (if every variable is defined)...
Thank you. that solved the problem
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