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Full Version: Phone earphones remote hack
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I like the in-ear fit samsung earphones ( http://www.samsungstore.cl/audifonos-in-...black.html ) but they don't work properly on my beloved Lumia 950 (the volume button mapping is wrong) ... but it shouldn't be so complex to hack, right?

The buttons are just a resistor in line with the MIC:
[Image: headset-circuit2.png]

Certainly, there was 5 resistors in the earphones-control PCB, 3 related with the buttons and I just used a broken earphone as a donor for the resistors:
[Image: uU19cjeQ2g.png]

So, in conclusion if you want to adapt an earphone from iOS/Android/Windows to another platform, it is just a matter of switching the resistors... the tiny resistors (normal thru hole resistor as scale):
[Image: sr3SvKYWLo.png]
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