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Full Version: Large font and the two minus signs [SOLVED]
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The help example of the partfrac function produces the following result:

The Font Size is set to Large Font, and as it can be seen (or not), the first minus is very close to the fraction line, making it hard (at least for my not-so-young eyes) to realize that there is indeed a negative sign.

The minus sign in front of the first fraction is shorter than the one before the second fraction; the short minus is the one you get when you press the "+/-" key, and the regular minus is the one you get when you press the "-" key.

This visual problem does not happen when the Font Size is set to Medium Font or Small Font:

This happens with the real calculator and with the windows virtual calculator (v.10077). I don't know how it looks on iOS or Android.

Besides this visual problem, I think that the display of "+/-" and "-" should be more consistent across the calculator. For example, in HOME when you type "+/- 7 - 3 Enter" (same in RPN: 7 +/- Enter 3 -), the short minus before the 7 is kept, and the result (-10) also has a short minus:

But when you type the same in CAS, both the minus sings before the 7 and the 10 are converted to a regular size minus:

You know... I also posted a threat about this a couple of months ago, I thought it was gonna be solved on new FW 10077, but sadly see it wasn"t.

Also the multiplication operator is not nice at all(*), various members of the forum have the same feeling about this issue too.
Corrected in firmware 13333.

Thanks to the HP Prime Team!
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