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Full Version: setting to get common functions in soft keys?
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When I'm working on problems that need me to evaluate a lot of hyperbolic functions I'm hoping I can get them on the bottom. Or, when I switch to probability, I'd like to have permutation, combinations and factorials along bottom. Then maybe normal and poisson for another time.

Is this possible? On my HP50 it took setting some obscure flag. I'm hoping there is something similar on the prime.

(I really did try searching ... google + these forums. I assume I missed it somewhere.)

You could use a program for this as Eddie shows.
(05-14-2016 04:57 AM)DrD Wrote: [ -> ]http://www.hpmuseum.org/forum/thread-112...ustom+menu

You could use a program for this as Eddie shows.

the solution by Eddie is good, however in this case not so easily customizable... I think the user would like to have a menu on the soft keys at bottom of the screen like in the 50G, related to the menu recently used. It would be nice but I don't know if it is easy to implement in the Prime as default, because some soft key are used already by the OS in the normal operations (STO, Simplify, OK...)
However the user is right: we need indeed a way to reuse more easily the last used items in some menus (like COSH(), SINH()... or COMB(), PERM()...) without pressing more keys (i.e. B, Math, Probability, Permutation, 4 keys again to the next function...) :-)

You're right, soft menus don't have a quick or easy solution. As if that weren't enough, sometimes it would be great to have a soft-key trigger a sub menu of related content. Try that one for fun!

As Eddie has shown, and I have used a very similar approach for a Smith Charting program a long time ago, it only gets more burdensome to control soft-choices.

As with soft menus, another impasse, that took me awhile to figure out, was how to rotate text so that legends on a circle could appear properly, with regard to radials from a center point. (The reactance circles, on the Smith chart, for instance). To do that took a pretty significant subroutine, to place text at the appropriate (X,Y) coordinate, and rotate the text, pixel by pixel, for each character! So there are still a few features absent from that ultimate peak of perfection prime, left perhaps for the future ...

I maybe Off topic here, but for an easy key user assignement, like this:
SIN() --> SINH() or any calculator function
COS() --> COSH() or any calculator function
You can use an application.

The application is called "Teclas Dedicadas". ("Dedicated keys")
Download page: Download

I wouldn't recommended to download version 1.10 for the firmware 10077, because of the current error on the INPUT command when it comes to editting strings. (I made the claim but I'm not sure if it was served)

Video of use
(Use the subtitle translation).

Sorry to re-open old post. Just curious if recent firmware update now makes this possible? (Putting commonly used functions on context menu when you are in regular-old RPN math mode.)

For example, some times I'm doing work that repeatedly calls n-choose-k (COMB) and other times I need to call TANH a bunch of times. %change is another one. It's not a show stopper, but a pain to navigate menu tree. I really like that on HP48/50, but otherwise prefer the Prime.
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