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Applications in ROM Module (cont.)

HP-82481A AC Steady-State Circuit Analysis Pac

[Image: HP-82481A_MOD.jpg]

Owner Manual Introduction

The HP AC Steady-State Circuit Analysis Pac contains a general purpose Computer Network Analysis Program called CNAP. The building blocks that are available to construct circuit models are resistors, capacitors, inductors, voltage-controlled current sources (VCCS), lossless transmission line segments, open transmission line stubs, and shorted transmission line stub. The program can output the complex ac voltage at any node in the network. Optionally, group delay is calculated. CNAP provides rapid ac study-state analysis of virtually any type of electronic network.

Numerous use include:
  • Active filter simulation.
  • Analysis of LC filters containing transformer and coupled inductors.
  • General transistor amplifier circuit analysis.
  • Operational amplifier circuit analysis.
  • High-frequency amplifier analysis (including transmission line segments).
Product #              Title                                                   Released
---------------------  ------------------------------------------------------  --------
HP-82481-90001         AC Steady-State Circuit Analysis Pac Owner's Manual      1983-12
  • AC Steady-State Circuit Analysis Pac Owner's Manual (cover, manual)
Picture The HP-82481A AC Steady-State Circuit Analysis Pac distribution file is located HERE
HP-82481A_AC-CIRCUIT.ZIP          distribution file
-> HP-82481A_AC-CIRCUIT_ROM.BIN   Image for Emu71/DOS/Win
   -> Circuit    LEX      43      [VER$ CIRC:A]
   -> KEYWAIT    LEX      55      [VER$ n/a]
   -> CNAP       BASIC  9887
   -> CNAPOUT    BASIC   946
   -> CNAPHEAD   BASIC   261
-> HP-82481A_AC-CIRCUIT_ROM.LIF   ILPER: LIF Mass Storage File
   -> ROMCOPY    LEX    1727      [VER$ RCPY:E]
   -> CIRCUIT    ROM   16384      ROMCOPY CIRCUIT:TAPE(#) TO :PORT(#)

HP-82482A Finance Pac

[Image: HP-82482A_MOD.jpg]

Owner Manual Introduction

The HP-71 Finance Pac programs have been designed to easily perform the functions of a powerful financial calculator while offering the computer advantages of continuous memory, file creation and storage, and the potential use of peripherals. One program, the time value of money program (TVM), solves a wide range of problems for any person who works with financial contracts of any type: borrowers, lenders, lessors, lessees, accountants, real estate brokers, automobile dealers, and investors, to name a few.

Here are some of the things you can do with the program:
  • Solve for the number of periods, the interest rate, the present value, the payment amount, or the future value of a uniform series of payments.
  • Calculate an amortization schedule of a loan.
  • Enter an uneven series of cash flows from the keyboard or from data files in memory. The cash flows may be grouped or ungrouped.
  • Review or edit an uneven cash flow series.
  • Calculate the internal rate of return (IRR) or the net present value (NPV) of an uneven cash flow series.
  • Store an uneven cash flow series as a data file in memory.
The other Finance Pac program, the depreciation program (DEP), enables you to calculate, display, print, and store depreciation schedules in memory. You can choose from five different methods to calculate depreciation.

Product #              Title                                                   Released
---------------------  ------------------------------------------------------  --------
HP-82482-90001         Finance Pac Owner's Manual                               1983-12
  • Finance Pac Owner's Manual (cover, manual)
Pictures The HP-82482A Finance Pac distribution file is located HERE
HP-82482A_FINANCE.ZIP          distribution file
-> HP-82482A_FINANCE_ROM.BIN   Image for Emu71/DOS/Win
   -> Finance    LEX      42   [VER$ FIN:A]
   -> TVMKEYZ    KEY     132
   -> TVMHELP    TEXT   1536
   -> TVM        BASIC 10378
   -> DEP        BASIC  3474
   -> KEYWAIT    LEX      55   [VER$ n/a]
-> HP-82482A_FINANCE_ROM.LIF   ILPER: LIF Mass Storage File
   -> ROMCOPY    LEX    1727   [VER$ RCPY:E]

HP-82483A Surveying Pac

[Image: HP-82483A_MOD.jpg]

Owner Manual Introduction

The Surveying Pac is a tool to aid the engineer and surveyor in solving many of the common surveying problems. Because it is one large integrated program, and not merely a collection of individual routines, the Surveying Pac exhibits power beyond what you may expect.

It simply and easily handles all the calculations involved in:
  • Traversing.
  • Inversing.
  • Curve layout.
  • Radial staking.
Its unique data entry system allows inputs to be made in a variety of ways: by using bearings, north and south azimuths, angles left ot right, and horizontal deflections left or right. You can choose your input modes regardless of the mode of output you desire. If entries are unknown, the program will ask other questions until enough is known about the situation for an answer to be computed.

Product #              Title                                                   Released
---------------------  ------------------------------------------------------  --------
HP-82483-90001         Surveying Pac Owner's Manual                             1983-12
  • Surveying Pac Owner's Manual (cover, manual)
Picture The HP-82483A Surveying Pac distribution file is located HERE
HP-82483A_SURVEYING.ZIP          distribution file
-> HP-82483A_SURVEYING_ROM.BIN   Image for Emu71/DOS/Win
   -> SURVEY     BASIC    20
   -> SURVEY71   BASIC 15847
   -> SURV3      BASIC    56
   -> SurveyV    LEX      43     [VER$ SURV:A]
   -> KEYWAIT    LEX      55     [VER$ n/a]
-> HP-82483A_SURVEYING_ROM.LIF   ILPER: LIF Mass Storage File
   -> ROMCOPY    LEX    1727     [VER$ RCPY:E]
   -> SURVEY     ROM   16384     ROMCOPY SURVEY:TAPE(#) TO :PORT(#)

HP-82484A Curve Fitting Pac

[Image: HP-82484A_MOD.jpg]

Owner Manual Introduction

The HP 82484A Curve Fitting Pac is a powerful tool that enables you to perform functions that are not common to portable computing devices.

The Curve Fitting Pac permits you to:
  • Fit a general model function (linear or non-linear) to a set of data using the CFIT program.
  • Determine local maxima and minima of a large class of real-valued functions using the OPTIMIZE program.
The Curve Fitting Pac allows you to quickly and easily choose a model, fit a curve to your data, choose another model, and fit the curve again - all in a matter of seconds.

Features of the pac include:
  • A matrix editor that makes entering and editing data easy.
  • A built-in library of commonly-used fit models.
  • The ability to store data and then retrieve it for later use.
  • The ability to direct all intermediate and final results to a peripheral printer.
Product #              Title                                                   Released
---------------------  ------------------------------------------------------  --------
HP-82484-90001         Curve Fitting Pac Owner's Manual                         1984-03
  • Curve Fitting Pac Owner's Manual (cover, manual)
Picture The HP-82484A Curve Fitting Pac distribution file is located HERE
HP-82484A_CURVE-FITTING.ZIP          distribution file
-> HP-82484A_CURVE-FITTING_ROM.BIN   Image for Emu71/DOS/Win
   -> CurveFit   LEX      41         [VER$ FIT:A]
   -> CFIT       BASIC 14219
   -> OPTIMIZE   BASIC  5068
   -> MODELS     BASIC  5789
   -> PCENTCHI   BASIC   727
   -> FITLEX     LEX     415         [VER$ n/a]
   -> FITLIB     BIN    5545
   -> CFKEYZ     KEY      83
-> HP-82484A_CURVE-FITTING_ROM.LIF   ILPER: LIF Mass Storage File
   -> ROMCOPY    LEX    1727         [VER$ RCPY:E]
   -> CURVEFIT   ROM   32768         ROMCOPY CURVEFIT:TAPE(#) TO :PORT(#)

HP-82485A Text Editor Pac

[Image: HP-82485A_MOD.jpg]

Owner Manual Introduction

Your HP 82485A Text Editor can be used to create, view, change, and print source program listings, text files, memos, form letters, personal letters, short reports, and other documents. In fact, the Text Editor enables you to manipulate any text file in your HP-71 memory.

Using the Text Editor, you can:
  • Create new text file.
  • Update text files by editing, deleting, and inserting lines of text.
  • Search for and edit text.
  • Copy or move sections of one file to another file.
  • Print or list text files.
As you compose a text file, you can include (embed) text formatting commands in it. When you execute the format command, these embedded commands determine how your formatted, printed document will look.

Product #              Title                                                   Released
---------------------  ------------------------------------------------------  --------
HP-82485-90001         Text Editor Pac Owner's Manual, 1st Ed                   1984-03
HP-82485-90005         Text Editor Pac Owner's Manual, 1st Ed                   1984-03
HP-82485-90007         Text Editor Pac Owner's Manual, 2nd Ed                   1984-08
HP-82485-90002         Text Editor Pac Quick Reference Guide                    1984-03
  • Text Editor Pac Owner's Manual (cover, manual)
  • Text Editor Pac Quick Reference Guide (cover, manual)
Pictures The HP-82485A Text Editor Pac distribution file is located HERE
HP-82485A_TEXT-EDITOR.ZIP          distribution file
-> HP-82485A_TEXT-EDITOR_ROM.BIN   Image for Emu71/DOS/Win
   -> EDTEXT     BASIC 13080
   -> EDLEX      LEX    2799       [VER$ EDT:A]
   -> EDKEYS     KEY     142
   -> EDRDPR     BASIC   250
-> HP-82485A_TEXT-EDITOR_ROM.LIF   ILPER: LIF Mass Storage File
   -> ROMCOPY    LEX    1727       [VER$ RCPY:E]

HP-82488A Data Communications Pac

[Image: HP-82488A_MOD.jpg]

Owner Manual Introduction

The Data Communications Pac provides a versatile terminal emulator software package, the DATACOMM program, for the HP-71 Portable Computer. With this program you can communicate with other computer systems over a phone line to access a variety of information. You can connect to systems such as The Source, Dow Jones News/Retrieval, and other host computer systems via a modem. It is quite easy to obtain stock quotes, send or receive electronic mail, or make airplane reservations using one of these data base services.

A few of the features provided by the system are:
  • Incoming and outgoing data can be sent to the HP-71 display, a printer, and/or a video interface.
  • Special code words can be created that simplify log on procedures.
  • Text files that have been written off-line can be transferred to another host computer system.
  • Incoming data can be saved in a text file for later review or printing.
  • A 500-character input buffer is provided for reviewing information when using the HP-71 display.
  • Command files allow easy implementation of repetitive operations.
  • User programs can call and use DATACOMM'S features.
The DATACOMM program is entirely menu-driven. Most operations can be accessed from the menu by typing a single key.

Product #              Title                                                   Released
---------------------  ------------------------------------------------------  --------
HP-82488-90001         Data Communications Pac Owner's Manual                      1984
  • Data Communications Pac Owner's Manual (cover, manual)
Picture The HP-82488A Data Communications Pac distribution file is located HERE
HP-82488A_DATA-COMMUNICATIONS.ZIP          distribution file
-> HP-82488A_DATA-COMMUNICATIONS_ROM.BIN   Image for Emu71/DOS/Win
   -> DCLEX    P LEX     904               [VER$ DC:A]
   -> DATACOMM P BASIC 15421
   -> ROMCOPY    LEX    1727               [VER$ RCPY:E]
   -> DATACOMM   ROM   16384               ROMCOPY DATACOMM:TAPE(#) TO :PORT(#)

HP-82489A AMPI Statistics Library Pac

[Image: HP-82489A_MOD.jpg]

Owner Manual Introduction

The AMPI Statistics Library Pac provides two main capabilities:
  • Statistical tools that include descriptive statistics procedures and statistical inference procedures.
  • These tools allow you to make statistical inferences, not statistical conclusions.
The AMPI Statistics Library Pac provides the following statistical tests:
  • Descriptive statistics: Means & Moments, Histogram, Multiple Linear Regression.
  • t-Statistics: Paired t-Test, Unpaired t-Test.
  • F-Statistics: One-way Analysis of Variance, Two-way Analysis of Variance.
  • Chi-Square: Contingency Table.
  • Rank Statistics: Mann-Whitney U Test, Kruskal-Wallis test.
  • Sampling Distribution: Student's t-Distribution, F-Distribution, Chi-Square Distribution.
  • Probability Distribution: Normal Distribution, Weibull Distribution, Exponential Distribution, Binomial Distribution, Poisson Distribution.
Product #              Title                                                   Released
---------------------  ------------------------------------------------------  --------
HP-82489-90001         AMPI Statistics Library Pac Owner's Manual               1984-12
  • AMPI Statistics Library Pac Owner's Manual (cover, manual)
Picture The HP-82489A AMPI Statistics Pac distribution file is located HERE
HP-82489A_AMPI-STATISTICS.ZIP          distribution file
-> HP-82489A_AMPI-STATISTICS_ROM.BIN   Image for Emu71/DOS/Win
   -> AMPILEX  P LEX    2620           [VER$ AMPISTAT:A]
   -> STKEYZ     KEY      83
   -> AMPISTAT   BASIC 19171
   -> STP        BASIC  7253
   -> DIST       BASIC  3032
   -> ROMCOPY    LEX    1727           [VER$ RCPY:E]
   -> AMPISTAT   ROM   32768           ROMCOPY AMPISTAT:TAPE(#) TO :PORT(#)

HP-82490A HP-41 Translator Pac

[Image: HP-82490A_MOD.jpg]

Owner Manual Introduction

The HP 82490A HP-41 Translator Pac consists of:
  • The HP-41 Translator Pac module, which contains a system of programs for the HP-71 designed to allow you to convert programs written for the HP-41 for use on the HP-71. You can then run the "translated" programs on your HP-71, taking advantage of the HP-71's enhanced speed and accuracy.
  • A keyboard overlay, designed to customize your HP-71 keyboard for use with the HP-41 Translator Pac.
With the HP-41 module installed in your HP-71, you can:
  • Use the HP-71 as an HP-41 calculator for keyboard operations and program execution. All HP-41 calculator features, including the alpha register, are available from the HP-71 keyboard.
  • Write programs on the HP-71 in HP-41 user-programming language.
  • Transfer programs automatically from the HP-41 to the HP-71 via HP-IL. (This requires HP-IL modules for both calculators.)
  • Extend the HP-41 user language, either by adding HP-41 extension module functions not included in the HP-41 Translator Pac, or by adding new functions of your own design.
In short, the HP-41 Translator Pac allows you to retain the calculator and programming features of the HP-41, and to use your HP-41 programs, as you move into the more sophisticated and powerful world of the HP-71.

The HP-41 function set included in the HP-41 Translator Pac includes:
  • All functions built into the HP-41C and HP-41CV calculators.
  • Additional numeric, flag, and alpha data manipulation functions from the HP-41CX and the HP 82180A Extended Functions/Memory Module.
  • All of the HP-IL printer functions from the HP 82160A HP-IL Module for the HP-41 except the special graphics functions.
Not included in the HP-41 Translator Pac are the time (TIME is included), date, stopwatch, alarm, and extended memory functions from the HP-41CX, or any other functions from HP-41 extension modules. Any HP-41 program that uses functions included in the pac can be translated and run on the HP-71.

HP-41 programs and keyboard operations that are executed on the HP-71 yield the same results as those obtained with the HP-41, except that:
  • The HP-71 provides two additional mantissa digits and and one more exponent digit than the HP-41. This affects both the accuracy of numeric results and the allowed range of numbers.
  • Unlike the HP-41, The HP-41 Translator Pac does not provide the ability to choose the digit separator and radix format.
  • There are some differences in keyboard entry methods that arise from the different keyboards of the two computers and from the somewhat different styles of RPN arithmetic associated with HP-71 FORTH and the HP-41.
Appendix E contains a list of the HP-41 functions provided by the HP-41 Translator Pac, and description of the differences between the HP-41 and the HP-41 Translator Pac. The HP-41 Translator Pac is based on a FORTH language system built into the pac. FORTH is a computer language that shares many characteristics with the HP-41 user programming language, but is more widely recognized and applied to a greater variety of computers. You do not need to learn FORTH to use the HP-41 translator, but programmers familiar with FORTH can use the system to write HP-71 applications entirely in FORTH.

Product #              Title                                                   Released
---------------------  ------------------------------------------------------  --------
HP-82490-90001         HP-41 Translator Pac Owner's Manual                      1985-01
  • HP-41 Translator Pac Owner's Manual (cover, manual)
Picture The HP-82490A HP-41 Translator Pac distribution file is located HERE
HP-82490A_HP-41-TRANSLATOR.ZIP          distribution file
-> HP-82490A_HP-41-TRANSLATOR_HRD.BIN   Image for Emu71/DOS/Win
-> HP-82490A_HP-41-TRANSLATOR_ROM.BIN   Image for Emu71/DOS/Win
   -> FTH41ROM P LEX     894            [VER$ FTH41:1A]
   -> TRANS41    BASIC  3467
   -> READ41     BASIC  1071
   -> KEYS41     KEY     282
   -> EDTEXT     BASIC  6790
   -> EDKEYS     KEY      54
   -> EDLEX      LEX    2557            [VER$ EDT:A]
-> HP-82490A_HP-41-TRANSLATOR_ROM.LIF   ILPER: LIF Mass Storage File for FRAM71 users
   -> ROMCOPY    LEX    1727            [VER$ RCPY:E]
   -> FTH41ROM   ROM   16384            ROMCOPY FTH41ROM:TAPE(#) TO :PORT(#)
   -> FTH41HRD   TEXT  67840            ROM Memory (E0000-EFFFF) Dump
   -> FTH41LDR   BASIC   160            ROM Memory (E0000-EFFFF) Dump Loader

Super Surveyor Module by Cassera Survey


Owner Manual Introduction

The SUPER SURVEYOR software was initially developed to fill the need for a data collector which would support the HP-3820A Electronic Total Station. It is now a field measurement system capable of supporting all Electronic Total Stations.

The process of field measurement is facilitated by the SUPER SURVEYOR in its simplicity of concept and use. The functions are kept to a minimum to avoid distracting the user.

The system represent the minimum effort required to perform a data collection or stake out survey. The user is reminded that he is free and possibly obligated to employ any additional methods or techniques which he might judge necessary in the performance if his duty as a Land Surveyor or subordinate.

The minimum hardware required by the system is:
  • TOTAL STATION (may be semi-auto and used with HANDNTRY)
  • HP-71B Computer
  • HP-82401A HP-IL Module
  • Field Interface (not necessary for HANDNTRY)
  • SUPER SURVEYOR firmware
  • HP-82483A Surveying Pac
  • Optional: Memory Modules or Portable Disk (HP-9114)
  • Optional: ThinkJet (through the use of 'PRINTFILE(0)')
Product #              Title                                                   Released
---------------------  ------------------------------------------------------  --------
SUPER SURVEYOR         Super Surveyor Owner's Manual                               1985
Pictures The HP-82488A Data Communications Pac distribution file is located HERE
CASSERA_SUPER-SURVEYOR.ZIP          distribution file
   -> SUPRSURV E BASIC 24064
   -> CAT        BASIC   179
   -> AUTOSTAK E BASIC  8795
   -> HANDSHAK   BASIC    46
   -> SITEST     LEX      63        [VER$ n/a]
   -> SEVENBIT   LEX     133        [VER$ SEV:A]
   -> VERSION    LEX      43        [VER$ SUPR:E]
   -> SSILEX     LEX     285        [VER$ n/a]
   -> SRLTC1     LEX    1396        [VER$ STC:A2]
   -> AVE        BASIC    65
   -> FILEFIX    BASIC   914
   -> LIST       BASIC   166
   -> INST     E BASIC 12324
   -> CHA        BASIC   203
   -> KEYS       KEY     613
   -> MULTI      BASIC  1727
   -> COPYALL    BASIC   182
   -> LOGO       DATA    498
   -> ROMCOPY    LEX    1727        [VER$ RCPY:E]
   -> CSSURVEY   ROM   65536        ROMCOPY CSSURVEY:TAPE(#) TO :PORT(#)

Applications on Book & Media

[Image: AppsBooksMedia.jpg]

HP-00071-90064 Math Users' Library Solutions


HP-71 Solutions Books provide complete step-by-step keystroke listings to help equip you with answers to your general or specialized programs. Solutions Books are available on magnetic cards and mini data cassettes.

Solutions Book Content

Math Users' Library Solutions Book cover the following subjects:
  • Vector Operations
    This program provides solutions to the most common vector operations, such as addition, subtraction, dot and cross products, included angle, multiplication of a vector by a scalar, finding the length of a vector, and determining unit vectors.
  • Numerical Integration
    This program will perform numerical integration whether a function is known explicitly or at a finite number of equally spaced points.
  • Solution to F(x)=0 on an Interval
    This program provides two methods to find a real root of the equation f(x) = 0. They are Newton's Method and the Pegasus Method. In addition, the program allows the user to find the value of the function for an input x.
  • Matrix Operations
    This program allows the user to calculate the determinant of a real valued matrix and find the inverse or solve a system of equations for real or complex valued systems. The method used is Gaussian elimination with partial pivoting.
  • Fast Fourier Transform
    This program calculates a fast Fourier transform from a set of time domain points to a set of frequency domain points. The inverse fast Fourier transform, calculating the set of time domain points from a set of frequency domain points, may also be calculated. The method used is a modification of the basic FFT algorithm.
  • Polynomial Solutions
    This program finds all solutions, both real and complex, of P(x)=0, where P is a polynomial of the form:
    P(x)=a(n)x^n + a(n-)x^(n-1) + ... + a(1)x + a(0) = 0
Product #              Title                                                   Released
---------------------  ------------------------------------------------------  --------
HP-00071-90064         Math Users' Library Solutions                               1984

HP-00071-90065 Games Users' Library Solutions


HP-71 Solutions Books provide complete step-by-step keystroke listings to help equip you with answers to your general or specialized programs. Solutions Books are available on magnetic cards and mini data cassettes.

Solutions Book Content

Games Users' Library Solutions Book cover the following subjects:
  • Code Crack
    The object of this games is to guess the random sequence of colors the HP-71 has selected. Initially, the player must specify the number of elements in the sequence (4 to 9), the number of colors used to generate the sequence (4 to 9), and whether a color may appear more than once in the sequence. Once the sequence is generated, the player must enter a guess. The program accepts the guess one character at a time with no correction of errors. Once the last color is entered, the program compares the input with the stored sequence and tells you how close you were.
  • Craps
    In this game of craps, the HP-71 is the 'house', using simplified casino rules. The game begins with the player specifying his bank limit, a value that will be rounded to the nearest dollar amount. Next the player must place his bet, which may be as much or all of his bank as he wishes (to end game enter 0). On the players first roll after a bet, the dice are automatically rolled, and the value of each, along with their total, is displayed by the HP-71. If the total of the dice equals 7 or 11 on the fist roll, the player wins and his bet is added to his bank. If the total of the dice equals 2,3 or 12 on the first roll, the amount of his bet is subtracted from his bank. Any other total on the first roll becomes the players "point". The player then continues to roll until the total of the dice equals his "point" (the player wins) or the total equals 7 or 11 (the player loses).
  • Hangman
    Hangman is a word guessing game. This game is a version of the popular word game "hangman". The first player selects a word or phrase that is as many as 19 characters in length and keys it into the computer. The second player guesses various characters until he completes the word or gets hanged.
  • Blackjack
    In this card game, the HP-71 is the dealer and up to eight people may play. Each player begins with $200 and may bet as much or all of it as he wishes up to $200.
  • Hammurabi
    This game allows a player to control a country's economy through the buying and selling of land. The more efficiently he uses the land, the better a governor he is.
  • Space War
    "Space War" sets up a two-dimensional playing area where you do battle with from 16 to 30 enemy ships. Your ship is equipped with long- and short-range sensors, shields, and 20 torpedoes. You also have 5 star bases at which you may effect repairs to your ship. The object of the game is to destroy all of the enemy ships before they destroy you.
Product #              Title                                                   Released
---------------------  ------------------------------------------------------  --------
HP-00071-90065         Games Users' Library Solutions                              1984

HP-00071-90066 General Utilities Users' Library Solutions


HP-71 Solutions Books provide complete step-by-step keystroke listings to help equip you with answers to your general or specialized programs. Solutions Books are available on magnetic cards and mini data cassettes.

Solutions Book Content

General Utilities Users' Library Solutions Book cover the following subjects:
  • General System Utilities
    The subprograms provided in this section are intended to function as enhancements to the HP-71 BASIC language. The majority of the twenty-three routines are complementary to HP-71 keywords.
  • Time and Date Utilities
    The purpose of these thirteen routines is to allow the user to perform numeric calculations based on time and date.
  • Conversion Utilities
    The purpose of these seven subprograms is to provide a base of generic conversions that can be used both from the keyboard and from within a program.
  • HP-IL Utilities
    The purpose of these three routines is to provide a mechanism by which the volume label of a mini data cassette may be accessed and by which information about the device type and location of the PRINTER IS device may be obtained.
  • Variable Cross Reference
    The purpose of this program is to provide a listing of all variables contained in a program, and their respective line numbers. Such a listing is very useful in the debugging stages of program development.
  • System Catalog
    The purpose of this subprogram is to provide a catalog of all LEX files and their entries. Since the HP-71 system ROM's are treated as LEX files, they are included in the catalog.
Product #              Title                                                   Released
---------------------  ------------------------------------------------------  --------
HP-00071-90066         General Utilities Users' Library Solutions                  1984
  • General Utilities Users' Library Solutions (cover, manual)

HP-82440A Software Development Utility


The HP-71 Development Utility is a program that runs on the HP-71 and allows you to transfer files between the HP-71 and another computer called the "host."

An HP-71 Development Utility work station is the equipment and software that allow you to transfer files between the HP-71 and a host.

Product #              Title                                                   Released
---------------------  ------------------------------------------------------  --------
HP-82440-90001         HP-71 Development Utility Owner's Manual                 1984-02
  • HP-71 Development Utility Owner's Manual (cover, manual)
Picture The HP-82440A Development Utility distribution file is located HERE
HP-82440A_DEV-UTILITY.ZIP              distribution file
-> HP-82440A_DEV-UTILITY_MEDIA.LIF     ILPER: LIF Mass Storage File
   -> XFERNC     BASIC  6459           HP-71 transfer program with comments
   -> XFERN      BASIC  3565           HP-71 transfer program without comments
   -> XFER       BASIC  3565           Same as XFERN

HP-00071-90097 Software Developers' Handbook


This document is a 'cookbook' for applications programmers working with the HP-71. Two goals are envisioned: first to serve as a timesaver, and second to suggest a measure of consistency among programs written for the HP-7I. While there is no hope of addressing all possible applications on the HP-71, common subjects such as user interface, environment preservation, and error trapping are discussed. The specifics of each application are left to the programmer.

Product #              Title                                                   Released
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HP-00071-90097         Software Developers' Handbook                               1984
Picture The HP-00071-90097 Software Developers' Handbook distribution file is located HERE
HP-00071-90097_SOFT-DEV-HANDBOOK.ZIP            distribution file
-> HP-00071-90097_SOFT-DEV-HANDBOOK_MEDIA.LIF   ILPER: LIF Mass Storage File
   -> STRINGLX   LEX     837                    [VER$ STR:A]
   -> PATTERN    LEX     171                    [VER$ PAT]
   -> CUSTUTIL   LEX    1007                    [VER$ CSTU:A]
   -> BREAKPT    LEX     365                    [VER$ BRK:A]
   -> KEYBOARD   LEX    1277                    [VER$ KBD:B] (source FORTH/ASM module)
   -> KBD150     BASIC  1088
   -> GEDIT      BASIC  1085
   -> KBD264     BASIC   932
   -> FTHUTILA   TEXT   7424
   -> FTHUTILC   FORTH  4608
   -> FTHUTILF   TEXT  11520

WorkBook71 by Richard Harvey


WorkBook71 is a data-gathering, analysis-and report-generating tool for the Hewlett-Packard HP-71 Portable Computer. Modules of the system include Editor, data format converter, searching, and Report Formatter. Each module can operate separately of others in the group and, by virtue of data format conversion, other programs you may have can be used interactively. The goal has been to provide a versatile package in which data can flow between applications with minimal hassle.

This manual is in several sections. "Getting Started" should be read before investigating the programs in this package. "Using the HP-71" is as much about a philosophy of using the computer in general as it is about using it with this package. There is a section on each of the programs with a discussion of their purpose, usage, and a list of commands. Part 5 explains the structure of WorkBook files and discusses methods for using the data in your Basic programs. Part 5 need only be read if you plan on writing your own programs. The inevitable Addendum is in the last section, listing some cautions and hints. A glossary is at the back of this manual.

Product #   Title                                                       Released
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WorkBook71  Spreadsheet, File Manager & Report Generator for the HP-71      1986
Workbook 71 distribution file is located HERE

WORKBOOK71.ZIP                 distribution file
-> WORKBOOK71_MEDIA.LIF        ILPER: LIF Mass Storage File
   -> WBLEX      LEX     832   [VER$ WB:C]
   -> WB         BASIC  5808   Spreadsheet editor
   -> PRINTWB    BASIC  2176   Spreadsheet printer
   -> FNS        BASIC   192
   -> REPORT     BASIC  4907   Text formatter
   -> PORTER     BASIC  1835   File converter
   -> UTIL       BASIC  2450   Spreadsheet utilities
   -> MACRO      BASIC   346
   -> LABEL      TEXT    256
   -> FINDER     BASIC  2350   Search program
   -> PRINTCEL   BASIC  1494
   -> WBFNS      BASIC  5994
   -> TED2       BASIC  2362   Text editor
   -> MENU       BASIC   789   Operating system shell
   -> CHARSET    BASIC   329   Create alternate character set
-> WORKBOOK71_ROM.BIN          Emu71/Win: directly map as ROM to port #
   -> ...                      Same content as WORKBOOK71_MEDIA.LIF
-> WORKBOOK71_ROM.LIF          ILPER: LIF Mass Storage File
   -> ROMCOPY    LEX    1727   [VER$ RCPY:E]
   -> WORKBK71   ROM   32768   ROMCOPY WORKBK71:TAPE(#) TO :PORT(#)

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