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Full Version: Help with =CHOOSE()
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Hello all

Could one of you please help me with the CHOOSE function of the Spreadsheet App?

I have following values:
10 in D2
20 in D3
30 in D4

I want to get a scroll list "10 20 30"

I enter what follows in D6 (or whatever other free cell):
=CHOOSE(D6,"AA",D2 : D4)

I get "Syntax error"

While trying several syntaxes, I did manage to get the scroll list operating as wished just once, but, strangely, it collapsed once I have chosen a value with my finger.

I DID read the help menu several times but it seems I am still missing something which might be obvious for you.

Many thanks advanced and kind regards.

{EDIT: added spaces to avoid : D to be converted into a smiley}
(04-28-2016 09:22 PM)Jean-Michel Wrote: [ -> ]I enter what follows in D6 (or whatever other free cell):
=CHOOSE(D6,"AA",D2Big Grin4)

Is your formula in D6? If so, wouldn't that mean you are going to store into D6 and overwrite your formula upon picking your choose?

Put a different variable/location for the target first argument. A (home variable), C3, etc

La syntaxe est cel1=CHOOSE(cell2,"titre",choix)
cel1 contient la liste de choix
cel2 contient le n° d'option choisie
cel1 doit être différent de cel2.


The syntax is cel1 = CHOOSE ( cell2 , "title" , choice)
cel1 contains the list of choices
CEL2 contains the number of the option chosen
cel1 must be different from CEL2 .

D6=CHOOSE(D5,"AA",D2Big Grin4)

Vous pouvez aussi écrire :
You can also write :

d'après ce que jai essayé
from what I tried
Thanks Tim And Tyann for your prompt reply, but unfortunately I still cannot have it functioning.
I tried again by having the CHOOSE function pointing to another cell (as first argument) than the one where it is, but no way. Same with replacing the cells references by a list {10 20 30}.
Might this be RPN sensible?

EDIT: switching to BOOK entry mode makes it work flawlessly.

So, following question: is it possible to have it functioning in RPN mode?

{2nd EDIT: it seems that one has to be in BOOK mode at the times you enter the equation. Switching back to RPN has no detrimental effect once the equation is entered}
(04-28-2016 09:44 PM)Jean-Michel Wrote: [ -> ]Might this be RPN sensible?

It works fine here for me in RPN. Are you remembering to put ' ' around your formula? To use the spreadsheet in RPN mode, formulas are created using the algebraic ' ' objects.

'CHOOSE(A1,"choice",D1Big Grin3)' is equivalent to =CHOOSE1(A1,"choice",D1Big Grin3) in textbook/algebraic.
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