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Full Version: Bug in ker(), solved
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Refreshing my mathematics I today came across the task to compute the kernel of a linear function which was not too hard to do myself but then I thought to give it a try with the pc-emulator, version 10077 expecting something like [[0,0,0]] as f(x,y,z)=(3*x,x-y,2*x+y+z) obviously is bijective, but I got [[]],so I took my android device with the old version of the cas, 8151, it provided the same answer, then tried my physical Prime, which I successfullly had updated, too, and got the same result, finally I tried XCAS 1.2.2-33, the same. Not that big to deal with, but should be corrected some day.
ker returns a basis of the kernel, if the kernel is of dim 0, the basis is empty.
Ok, this explains the empty matrix.
Thank you
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