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Full Version: Program fails with new firmware, no CAS function.
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To aid learning the programming on this beast I have been playing with anothers program. All was fine before the update, now I instantly get "Bad argument type" and 'info' shows the following segment....

while int > 0 do
rem := irem(int,10);
string := IntToChar(rem) + string ;
int := (int - rem)/10;

Any clues as to why this now fails ?. No sign of the CAS function (as mentioned by Tim) anywhere in the whole program.

"int", "rem", and "string" are reserved words. Variable names are important.
(04-23-2016 02:50 PM)DrD Wrote: [ -> ]"int", "rem", and "string" are reserved words. Variable names are important.

I wondered that when I saw them yet it doesn't explain why it worked fine with the last firmware ?!

More strict enforcement of the rules, in an attempt to prevent ambiguous results, I would guess. The evolution of this firmware version seems to have corrected a lot of things, not to mention new features. This is most likely one of the consequences.
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