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Full Version: RPN Calculator use in Asia
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Knowing that in Asia that you read and write right to left, and that using RPN calculators using PEMDAS ordering and left to right performing elsewhere; how are operators and operand used in Asia?
I have no idea what this means. As far as I know (and I now live in Asia in a country that has a RTL language but I am not from here originally) people use normal calculators. At least I have never seen any calculator in a shop that strikes me as unusual. Anybody in tech has to have some minimal English ability and as far as I know most countries and places use normal numbers written LTR so... the only problems I am aware of is when they write doc in a RTL language it's annoying (and stupid) to have to shift for English acronyms. The word processors all figure out numbers and do the LTR automatically. Very dumb system AFAIC everybody should speak and write in English Wink
Well... I think you should know a little bit more about language...

Currently, as for major writing systems, only Arabic is written from right to left. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnam, Laos, Thais, etc. all are written from left to right. Traditional Chinese is written from top to button, right to left. So does Japanese do in literature works. Uyghur in China has two writing systems, one adopting Arabic characters and written from right to left, another using Latin methods and written from left to right.

In fact the writing system has nothing to do with the language itself. I guess you want to talk about the word order. Chinese and English both have SVO order. (Subject-Verb-Object) But Japanese and Korean are SOV (Subject-Object-Verb) which means they put the verb after the object, which is kinda like how RPN works.

You may think Japanese and Koreans can get used to RPN easily. Unfortunately that's not the case. As far as I know, both of the two languages adopted the modern way to express arithmatic operation from western. 1+1=2 is simply pronounced as one plus one equal two in Japanese.

Another interesting question is about whether RPN calculators are used in Asia.
Japanese did a lot. HP used to cooperate with Yokogawa and released HP-67 and HP-2x series in Japan under the brand of Yokogawa-Hewlette-Packard or YHP. I have several of them.
HP-41C even exists in one of Japanese anime ロケットガール, or Rocket Girl. Google "ロケットガール HP 41C" and you can see some screenshot of the anime. Check http://www.pserv.jp/?p=802.
Civil engineers in China used to use HP-41 series but later turned to TI-58C and SHARP PC-1500/E500.
For the rest part of Asia, I simply don't know.
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