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Full Version: (9825A/S/B/T) HP 5951-0782 Calculator Users' Club - Introductory Package
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Calculator Users' Club - Introductory Package [5951-0782 1977-03] (23MB PDF)

Below is a list of programs included in HP 5951-0782:

3-Dimensional Hidden Line Plot - p.1
Numerical Inversion of Laplace Transform - p.7
15 Regression Curves - p.11
Histogram - p. 17
Design of Small Transformers - p.23
Pipe Network Analysis - p.33
Horizontally Movable Plane Frame - p.39
Gearing Specifications - p.53
Shew Ray Trace through a Centered Spherical Surface - p.59
Loan Amortization Schedule - p.67
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