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Full Version: 2016 Update to "With Forth, Privacy is a joke"
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When the 71B came out in 1983, one of the features HP touted was the ability to make programs and other files PRIVATE. As soon as the Forth ROM came out, it was all the craze to state "With Forth, Privacy is a joke" in just about every tech. article in the PPC Journal, HPCC Datafile, CHHU, etc.

Well, here's a news-flash, just in!

With Siri, Security is a joke.... Details here.

The tag line is "Maybe the FBI should have just asked Siri"
In fairness, this one isn't so much a vulnerability in the data Siri passes back and forth to - and stores on - Apple servers (which is still a very valid concern; I have Siri disabled on my iPhone and iPad), but more an edge case in lock-screen interactivity that's resulted in a loophole. I faintly remember there being a couple other weaknesses like this in the past that didn't rely on Siri for doing weird things with the UI state.
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