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Full Version: Looking for Series 80 software
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Anyone with disk images of the following software for Series 80?

HP82814A HP 82814A Portfolio Management for HP-85
HP88103A HP 88103A File Manager for HP-85
HP82871A HP 82871A Investment Analysis for HP-86/87
HP82872A HP 82872A Acquisition/Disposition Analysis for HP-86/87
HP82873A HP 82873A Raw Land and Lease Analysis for HP-86/87
HP82874A HP 82874A Commercial Finance for HP-86/87
HP82875A HP 82875A Residential Finance for HP-86/87
HP82876A HP 82876A Professional Tax Plan for p-System for HP-86/87
HP82877A HP 82876A Personal Tax Plan for p-System for HP-86/87
HP82878A HP 82878A Estate Tax Plan for p-System for HP-86/87
HP82879A HP 82879A Fixed Asset Accounting for p-System for HP-86/87
HP82883A HP 82883A General Ledger for HP-86/87
HP82884A HP 82884A Accounts Receivable for HP-86/87
HP82885A HP 82885A Accounts Payable for HP-86/87
HP82886A HP 82886A Inventory Control for HP-86/87
HP82887A HP 82887A PeachPay Payroll System for HP-86/87
HP88104A HP 88104A File Manager for HP-86/87
HP45580A HP 45580A Milestone for CP/M for HP-86/87
HP45581A HP 45581A Datebook II for CP/M for HP-86/87
HP45582A HP 45582A Personal Datebook for CP/M for HP-86/87
HP45585A HP 45585A Professional Tax Plan for CP/M for HP-86/87
HP45586A HP 45586A Personal Tax Plan for CP/M for HP-86/87

Thank in a advance.
---Giancarlo F.
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