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Full Version: Shame shame
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I recently mentioned that I had a defective '+' key on a 35S.
I had the dead body on my desk for too long, so tonight I finally decided to have a look. Opening the machine is nothing difficult but removing the keyboard is a totally different challenge, as expected. After you unscrew a solid number of screws, you just find that the whole thing doesn't budge which is just plain ridiculous. I tried to cut some rivets but it looked like the screw poles were actually blocking the PCB. I forced... and bent the PCB. Oh well, the whole thing is now definitely dead. So I peeled the plastic to check the technology. So it is a very basic metallic dome on top of the PCB with copper exposed and the dome is just maintained by the plastic white sticker on top. I would imagine that if for any reason domes are not exactly facing the contact when applying the sticker, this might definitely cause contact issues... forever, there is nothing to fix.
The dead body is now in the bin, and I feel very bitter with tonight experience.

For the first time in my life, I have binned a Hp calculator.
Just can't believe I did that.
This one is easy to identify:
No way! The 15C would last forever...
None of the older models have the same low quality we see nowadays. This one is either the 15C LE or the 12C.

BTW, you're not the first member to throw out a 35s.
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