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Full Version: HP 82161A Digital Cassette Drive Repair
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I have bought this "non working" cassette drive just a few days ago and realized that the problem was a poor re-routing of the internal cables. I guess the previous owner had it and decided to eliminate the battery and make it work on an external DC voltage source.

I want to restore the unit back to the original state by connecting the cables back to their original locations and I wonder if somebody has a picture of the inside or a simple diagram for me to follow?

Thanks in advance,
I thought the service manual was in the Museum DVDs, but I'm not finding it there. [Edit: It is available at http://www.hpmuseum.net/document.php?hwfile=2835 .] It sounds like all you need to know though is that the battery pack's positive terminal is the one toward the back of the unit; so if the previous owner had installed something like a DC-10 jack instead, the wire going to its pin goes to the rear terminal. I've used clip leads to a 5V power supply to run mine after the original batteries were no good. I wished the unit had been made to optionally use alkaline batteries.
Thank you for your reply.

I took a picture of the current situation and attached to this post.

The black and red wires which I soldered to the battery terminals after your message were directly connected to the AC power socket. While doing that, I have noticed the 4 diodes below the AC power socket and I thought the connection points over the PCB might be close. After examining closely, I have noticed 2 cut wire tips on the right and the left side of the diodes. I connected the socket pins to those locations thinking that for AC it does not matter.

I hope I am doing ok so far.
Go to hpmuseum.net and search for 82161 you will find the service manual there.
If you have any tapes for that drive you'll want to read this, "Repairing HP82176 tape cassettes".

I successfully repaired 4 of the 5 tapes I have following the instructions.

Hi there,

If it comes to the point that the tape coating is damaged, you may also find some useful hints to rebuild it in this old thread.

Cheers from Caribbean.

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