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Full Version: condensed print
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I know this came up before, but can't find a reference. Maybe I can't search well.

I have a HP-97 with "condensed print". Works OK other than each symbol is narrower than normal width, but are the same width per character. No matter the length of the line.

Have a HP-92 outputting a few digits appears to print OK.
- longer # of digits the symbols are narrower, but each digit same width.
- max line length of digits, characters are even narrower, but all characters are the same width per line.

I'm sure this has been discussed a number of times since 2011. Something about a resister or capacitor on the printer PCB daughtercard. Does anyone recall the posts?

R7 on the Printer PCA is selected to provide the correct line length. A troubleshooting flowchart can be found on p.4-19/4-20 of the service manual with a procedure for selecting the proper value. See Note 2.

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