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Full Version: Thinking w/o the box = thinking within the box = constrained thinking?
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Maybe everyone knows but me. We've all seen original boxes for a 55, 65, 67, 21, 22, 97, 92, etc. etc. I call them "presentation" style boxes. i.e. a retail sale box.

Until viewing a YouTube video I never even considered there was a "presentation" box for the 35 or 45. Due to *never* being aware of one. Never seen, by me, in a picture or noticed on a web site. All of us have used all sorts of calculator web sites, sales sites, etc. Even on TAS any "original" box for the 35 appeared to be a plain brown corrugated cardboard shipping carton.

Even as a student in high-school/college I don't recall *ever* seeing a 35, 45 retail box in physical existence or in a brochure, ad, drawing, etc.

At 13:20 in the video "HP Origins ft HP-35 Death of the Slide Rule" a HP-35 box is shown; although extremely brief. ..... I wasn't sure what to think.

It immediately hit home my self-imposed "mental constraint" a retail sales box for the 35 & 45 was never on the market. Admittedly the assumption seemed weird, due to pondering if you bought a 35/45 at a store what did they come in?

Does anyone know? Did the 35 & 45 have a "presentation" box as in the video (HP-35 model 4)? Am I the only person who never knew?
For that matter, what about a retail box for the 80 & 70? Can't say I've ever been aware of a box for those either.

Other than the 35, 45, 70, 80 all the other HP calcs seem to have a sales box/package.
Here is the picture from the video showing the retail box for the HP-35.

The model in the video in a V4, a late HP-35. At that time the HP-45 and 80 were already introduced, so a retail box labeled HP-35 makes sense.
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