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Full Version: Diffs for various levels of Museum DVD collection?
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As a happy owner of one of the Museum DVD Collections I think it would be useful to post contents diffs for each update going forward. It would be easier to spot new doc you might want.

I don't know what OS Dave is using to put these together but maybe doing a directory tree listing with find and saving the output and then using diff would be one way to get a good listing.
I think the planning docs are fairly accurate ie: http://www.hpmuseum.org/software/swcdv8.htm, and …v7, ...v6.

Of course, not everything promised shows up so it's good to check the current document list to be sure of any critical documents. The actual filenames are 8.3 to be compatible with ISO 9660 so I'm not convinced that most people would want to read a straight directory diff. CD-ROMs could be dropped at some point in the future but there is no current plan to do so. People still order them.

So far I've received only a handful of new documents since version 8 and of those a bunch are copyrighted by someone other than HP and some are basically one-page documents etc. So there is no schedule for a next version at this point.
Ok, when there is a new version I would prefer to know the actual content rather than rely on planning docs. At one point a few pieces of HP 48 doc I was particularly interested were promised to go in (not by you but rather a member who has since gone AWOL) and they did not make it to the release. There was no way to know that until it was too late ;-)

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