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Full Version: Simpson Mystery DVM
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Here's a Simpson 488 DVM manufactured in W. Germany.

[Image: ajrpt5.jpg][Image: 21ls9s8.jpg]

Problem is, I can't find any record of a Simpson Model 488 DVM nor of them having a manufacturing facility in Germany.

Can anyone shed some light on this mystery?
It could be they have some Euro only models contracted out, who knows? The company is still in operation, you could email them the pics and hopefully get an answer.

Depending on the year of manufacture, the German company who makes these things is either called Goerz Metrawatt, BBC Goerz Metrawatt, ABB Goerz Metrawatt or only ABB. Your model is originally called M2006 if I am not mistaken.

Thanks, Max, and thanks for the Lattice C. Smile

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