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Full Version: Prime iOS app scroll/pan problem
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I just tried to copy-and-paste a program into the Prime iOS app.

I simply copied the entire program text from iOS Notes, then created a new program in the Prime, and in the program editor, after deleting the template program, swiped to access the App "edit menu" and pasted.

The editor then complained "Error: Syntax error", however I'm unable to identify the error since I'm unable to scroll the program editor screen to view it!

I can neither scroll the editor using the cursor key pad, nor the page up/down soft buttons, nor by touch.

I can pan left/right, but not up/down.

I can move the cursor using the cursor key pad. If I move the cursor beyond the right edge of the screen (on a sufficiently long line), the screen properly pans to follow the cursor, but if I move the cursor below the bottom line, the screen stubbornly refuses to scroll!

Curiously enough, the arrow on the "page up" soft button appears whenever the screen should have scrolled, so apparently some part of the software keeps proper track of the cursors position, even if the screen does scroll.

The program is my Sudoku solver, as previously published here.

Please advise.

HP Prime iOS app version 1.0

Software Version: 2015 11 02 (9069)
Hardware Version: N/A
CAS Version: 1.1.2-11
Serial Number: CF70AAC728AE17A
Operating System: 9.2.1
(02-23-2016 12:14 PM)lenborje Wrote: [ -> ]Please advise

Funkar inte! :-)

Hasn't worked since the app was released. Please refer to this thread for earlier reports

Cheers, Terje
Thanks for the pointer. I had read the read, but missed the comment that the scroll bug applied to more than the help screen.

For what it's worth, I can add that I too have an iPhone 6s, like the other reporters. iOS 9.2.1.
Update today version 1.1 in appstore
The update solves the scroll problem; at least for me.

Thank you!
I can not check at the moment, but ist there now a proper way to transfer programs into the App, like the common iOS procedure (not the stone age "copy/paste")?

What I would like to see is an efficient way to exchange data between the Prime (hardware) and the iOS App via OS X on the Mac (without using any MS-Windows system!)
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