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I thought that the CASIO CLASSWIZ fx-991EX probably used the same OS as the 9860gii with the caveat that solve related problems were calculated to almost full digit accuracy (causing such calculations to be slower than 9860gii). Tonight, I was surprised to see that the CLASSWIZ could not solve d/dx(x^x) =0. The 9860gii solves this.

Other difference, this in favor of CLASSWIZ, when entering ln or trig such as sin on 9860, ()'s are not automatically entered as on the CLASSWIZ. This means that the ()'s must manually be entered on calculations such as sin(X)^2, that would be (sin X)^2 on 9860gii. CLASSWIZ conveniently promots ()'s allowing simple entry of sin(X)^2.
These devices are not yet officially available in the UK or I would buy one to play with - still pedaling crusty old FX83/FX85 units to us Brits. You can grey-import Classwiz from almost anywhere else you can think of.

HP treat us better - got Prime and HP39GII very quickly.
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